A supplementary group (“other”) was utilized to recognize signs that break sometimes the brand new Balance otherwise Popularity Standing (Battison, 1978)

Signs was indeed coded utilising the four Signal Products revealed by Battison (1978): one-given, two-passed and you will symmetric or alternating, two-passed asymmetrical with similar give arrangement, and two-passed asymmetrical with assorted give settings (column Air-conditioning). The latest Proportion Reputation says that in case the hands in the indicative circulate, others criteria of the hands (age.grams., location, hands arrangement) have to be identical, in addition to way should be parallel or in 180° asynchrony. The fresh Popularity standing says you to definitely from inside the a-two-passed sign, only if one hand motions, the latest catalog off non-dominating handshapes is limited to one out-of seven handshapes (B A beneficial S step 1 C O 5). In total, sixteen cues (17 records) broken possibly brand new Symmetry otherwise Prominence conditions.


Venue is actually divided in to one or two categories (biggest and lesser), adopting the maxims out-of Biggest Area and Slight Part suggested by Brentari’s Prosodic Model (Brentari, 1998). The big Located area of the prominent hands relative to the body made five you are able to beliefs: head, sleeve, trunk area, non-prominent hands, and you may neutral space (column Offer). Though some cues-mainly substances-are manufactured in multiple Major Places, all of our programming reflects only the place on sign beginning. Signs might or might not make contact with the big Venue (age.grams., Radio try delivered close, but not coming in contact with, your mind, and that’s coded due to the fact with a great “head” location). The non-dominant hand was just considered the major Place in the event your Signal Sort of is asymmetrical (i.age., in the event your non-dominating hand was fixed). The new Prosodic Design says you to getting symmetrical/changing signs the characteristics of low-prominent hands are exactly the same as the that from the newest prominent hands.

You’ll find four Significant Cities and every Biggest Place, except basic space, is split up into 7 Lesser Cities (column AE). All of the 33 cities is listed in a special file entitled “Key.csv.” Though of several signs manufactured inside the several Lesser Cities, new programming just comes with the latest Small Venue in the signal onset.

Selected hands

Consistent with Brentari (1998), Chosen Hands (line AF) try defined as the group off fingers you to definitely flow. The latest Chose Hands try coded only for the original totally free morpheme from inside the ingredients, additionally the first page off fingerspelled mortgage cues. If not one of your fingertips gone, this new distinction between selected fingertips and you can non-picked fingers try ambiguous. In these cases, it actually was thought your low-picked fingers have to either be fully discover or completely closed (Brentari, 1998). If one group of fingertips is actually neither fully offered neither fully flexed, this community from fingertips are noticed selected. If for example the ambiguity had been perhaps not resolved, the brand new Chosen Fingers were individuals who featured foregrounded. Brand new flash was never coded as a specified thumb unless they try the only picked fist about sign.


This new chosen fingertips was basically assigned certainly one of 9 degrees of flexion from the Prosodic Design (Brentari, 1998). Bending of your picked fingers was just coded at the sign beginning (line AG). The original 7 degrees of bending (coded as step one–7) more or less map on to an enthusiastic ordinal level of expanding flexion (1 = completely expanded), and the past a few amounts of flexion are “stacked” (flexion of one’s chose fingers differs as with the brand new fingerspelled letter “K”) and you may “crossed” (the fresh fingertips convergence as in the new fingerspelled page “R”).


The road of movement of dominating hands as a consequence of x-y-z room are coded for only one type of course (column AH). About three groups (arch, round, and straight) corresponded on the “street ability” from Brentari (1998). A 4th group, “back and forth,” try similar to the “zigzag” direction regarding the HamNoSys system (Hanke, 2004), and was utilized to help you password signs having movements one change information 180° at least once (e.g., Hopeless, Tubing, TIME) and cues which have several assistance changes from below 180° provided the new angle of every guidance change and the length of brand new section is similar (elizabeth.g., Lightening, Serpent, DOLPHIN). Footnote step three Cues without a path course were coded because the “nonage” (age.g., Apple features an arm-bending motion, but zero street path). As the road moves was in fact restricted to those who work in which the give alter updates when you look at the x-y-z place, hand rotation and internal moves weren’t coded due to the fact course. Even in the event one another variety of way are important phonological features, these people were maybe not coded because their discriminant energy seems to be lower than new half dozen phonological properties included in ASL-LEX. not, we intend to tricky the existing phonological transcriptions in the future to need alot more great-grained differences anywhere between cues. Cues you to definitely did not fit any of these kinds otherwise one integrated several highway path was in fact coded because “othager” (e.grams., Cancellation provides a few line of upright highway actions). The length of the new movement is actually overlooked (i.e., a much course was brief (age.grams., ZERO) otherwise long (age.g., NORTH). The prices displayed right here depict brand new course of one’s very first totally free morpheme of your indication.